Acne Facial Toner
  Find out why we
recommend this toner in the
fight against acne.
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  Customer reviews and
testimonials are provided
for informational purposes
only. Customer reviews and
testimonials reflect the
individual reviewer’s results
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Results may vary based on
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  I just wanted to let you
know your products are the
only thing that has EVER
cleared my skin up so fast i
just started this on Monday
it is now thursday and my
face is clearer then its ever
been before everything i
have ever tried never did
what your products did
proactive, anitbotics,
doctors creams all that stuff
did nothingi really love your
manuka oil it helps a lot i
use it everynight i just wish
you would make your soaps
bigger because theyre so
small its probably not going
to last to longbut i just
wanted to say thank you
and i will be a recurring

Danika B San Francisco CA

I love your products! I find that
they do what they say- very
effective and I'm a very
satisfied customer. After
struggling 6 years with acne, I
started to give up on ever
seeing my face clear. But, I
have just started using the
JustNutritive acne products and
the results are amazing! The
day cream, spot treatment and
soap are the only things that
have ever worked for me.
Thank you for making me feel
confident again!Nor walk!

Ted G Nor walk CT

Best blemish acne cream I've
ever used. Calms the blemish
down overnight. I've been a
Proactive user for several years
and it doesn't compare to this
product! The jar is small, but
you don't need much at all.
Great product!

Patrick C Chesapeake VA

I have mild/moderate adult
acne...well I should say I
HAD acne, because after
one week of using this
product, I don't have a
single blemish on my face!
It really does work quickly; I
noticed results after the
first two days of using it.
It's even fading my red acne
marks as well! I love getting
up in the morning and
seeing how good my skin
looks. I will continue to use
this stuff as long as they
keep making it.

Myra S Raleigh NC

I had moderate body acne
on my chest, back, and
shoulder area. I have been
using the anti-bacterial
treatment for about 2
weeks now and I can see
that my acne is
disappearing. I also use it
on my face to prevent zits
from happening. The
bottome line, I would
recommend this acne
treatment for body/face

Bonnie V Largo FL

The polish helps even the big
nasty pimples in a few days,
with the smaller ones going
away in hours. It really does
help to minimize the
appearance of most acne after
I apply it, too. Overall I would
say it is a great produce for
anyone who, like me, considers
even minor acne to be a major

Terry C Brookings SD

The acne polish is truly an
alternative to everyting else
on the market. The gel goes
on really smooth and leaves
a nice smooth texture that
does not feel dry at all, yet
it completely eliminates
oiliness on the skin. Very
expensive but worth the

Gusta R Sharpsburg GA

I have been using this acne
polish for over a year now and
my skin has never looked
better. You only need a tiny bit
and the beads are perfectly
round so I don't get any
irritation. It's amazing!

Pat Willis Hamden CT

I love this stuff. It
amazingly and makes your
skin feel so soft. I have
adult acne and notice that
when i use this stuff before
i go to bed y skin is much
less irritated in the morning.
Love it love it love it.

Susan L Rumson NJ

After giving birth and having my
skin go nuts from hormonal
changes, the spot treatment
was the ONLY product that
worked. Blemishes that would
not improve in months were
gone in days. Well worth the

Victoria W Excelsior MN

I've tried a lot of
treatments and this one
really works. I like that I can
wear it during the day as
well as at night. Works
exceptionally well. Clears
pimple faster than other
types of treatments I have
used and reduces the
redness very quickly.

Jonathan M Farmers Branch

This spot treatment is quite
possibly the best that I have
ever encountered within my
long 10 year search for
effective acne treatments. Not
only is the spot treatment
excellent, but the face toner is
miraculous, too!

Beverly P Homestead Fl
  Acne Care Steps
  How to Use Our Products
  You don't need to use all the products at the same time. Identify
which products you need to use and apply the
blemish solution in
the correct order and at the correct time.

The truth about
active breakouts is that people are too concerned
with curing it, when the actual solution is prevention, rather than an

To help with
breakouts never use products that have chemical
fragrances, alcohol or minerals oils.

To help a
pimple problem you need time to let your skin breathe, use the correct solution and allow not less than one or two months for healthy skin develop.
Are you Making a Big Mistake by Using your Acne Products Wrong?
    It is easy to get confused when choosing a product, and if you do not follow the correct steps you can aggravate
your skin condition and lose the benefits of the treatments.

Each step has a purpose in you
r skin care routine. By following these simple steps, you 'll get a better
understanding of how to take care of your acne effectively.
Step 1               Cleanse
      It is important to use a soap

Soap is the first line of defense against active breakouts. The wrong soap will take away
your nutritive oils or clog your pores, only aggravating your
blemishes. You need to use a
soap that has been specifically formulated to be a gentle cleanser that will leave your
face and skin oil free and moisturized while cleaning your pores.

However, the problem lies with ordinary soap, as it doesn't help in clearing excessive oil,
but actually causes an increase in oil production.

You should clean your face with soap and water. Then gently blot your face with a towel.
Your facial care can be done in the shower or at the sink. Don't stop now, this is only the
beginning to a healthier complexion.
Clear Body Soap
Clear Soap
Clear Soap
Clear Soap
It is important to choose the right soap for your Face or Body.

They are created for each area. The use of a Nutritive
clear soap can make a difference.

Remember that cleanliness is part of the solution, so use an acne soap and follow it with a

blemish control
cream or acskin treatment.

Don't use any skin care products before using a soap and toner on your skin, this can
aggravate your skin condition and you can lose the benefits of your skin treatments.
Clear Soap
Step 2                Exfoliate
      Clear Facial Polish
The use of an polish can help normalize oil production while improving skin texture.

using our Clear Facial Polish,  your skin will look brighter and more radiant after each
use, because black heads will no longer be visible. It increases the blood circulation in
the skin, helps to remove toxins, rids your skin of dry and rough patches.

You should gently exfoliate your face twice a week to keep it glowing and fresh.
However, never exfoliate your skin more frequently because it can result in cracked skin
and broken capillaries under the surface.
      It enhances the effects of daily moisturizing by allowing the moisturizer to penetrate the
skin more deeply.

A facial polish is very gentle, should be used on a regular basis, as exfoliating helps to
get rid of the dead cells from the surface of your skin.

The use of soap, cream, or oils is not always enough to treat your skin.

It is important to remove debris from your pores to prevent clogged pores.

Exfoliation does this gently and effectively which will allow other products to work better.
Step 2                Toner
      Clear Facial Toner
An clear toner is used to help remove and remove blackheads and control active pimples.

You should apply toner to the skin on the face. Using toner helps to remove any residues from soap, impurities or make-up that may have been left behind.

A toner also helps restore the nutritive pH level of the skin, leaves your skin clean, clear
and ready to be hydrated. Toners may be applied to a cotton pad or a cotton ball.

Smooth over your face in long strokes and work upward from the jaw line to the
hairline, don't forget your neck.

If your toner is a spritzer, close your eyes and gently mist on face and neck. Dab any
excess gently with a ball of cotton.

Many chose not to use a toner in their skin care regime and only use soap and
moisturizers. This is a mistake, since toning is a very important part of a facial skin care
regime and serves important functions. Most
blemish sufferers have an oily skin type
and using toner for oil control is highly advisable.

By applying a toner, you help control oil outbreaks. Toners should be applied on areas of
your face or other areas that are extremely oily like back, shoulders and arms.
Step 4               Acne Intensive Treatments
      Use a Treatment

An active breakout treatment could be a special cream to use at day or night time or
anti-bacterial oil with active ingredients that provide moisture while delivering
fighting benefits to prevent
breakouts and restore your skins balance.

Many people make the assumption that just because they have acne on their skin,
moisturizers should not be used often. That is completely wrong.

The reason is because most cleansers which are needed in a
blemish routine, can dry up
the skin.
If not followed by the use of an acne treatment then your skin will be susceptible to acne breakouts. It is very advisable
to use cleansers followed by an acne moisturizer.

Moisturizers treatments such as creams and oils that are created with Jojoba oil and other nutritive ingredients can
effectively penetrate the layer of serum and unclog the pores, clearing out whiteheads and blackheads.

Blemish creams and oils made with anti-bacterial ingredients can help neutralize active breakouts.
Step 4               Day & Night Treatments
    You can apply one treatment or you can combine different treatments at day and night
time. Each treatment are made to help and prevent ac
tive breakout skin.
      Clear Facial Day Cream
Our clear facial day cream has antibacterial properties. It conditions your skin gently to
regain it's normal oil production and decrease
blemishes. It is made from essential oils
of Tea Tree, Lavender and Rose Geranium.

Tea tree oil does not have side effects, such as the dryness associated with chemical
treatments.  That makes a treatment with this product so valuable. It is easily absorbed
by the skin, leaving it soft and smooth without making it oily or greasy.
      Night Clear Treatment
So you're looking for something to help keep your skin clear but you're not into all those
icky creams and messy cover ups?

Here's a solution that can end or curb the regular outbreaks - A proprietary blend of
strong anti-bacterial ingredients, that when combined makes this a unique formula.

It begins to destroy
active breakouts on contact by immediately drying the oils and fluids
in the blemish, as well as killing the germs which caused it. You can feel and see the
difference almost immediately. For effective control use regularly at night.
Anti-Bacterial Body
Clear Treatment
Clear Spot
This anti-bacterial
treatment is formulated for
the body.

The skin on the body can be
thicker than that on the face
and often has larger pores,
making for more severe
breakouts at times.
    Manuka is an amazing
essential oil to help
with a wider range of active
compounds, that are mildly
anti-bacterial and anti-fungal -
perfect for the treatment of
spots and blemishes.
    This fast acting serum
contains all nutritive
ingredients in a potent

Designed to attack acne
at its source and stop the
bacteria that cause

Step 5               Use the Correct Make-Up
      It is highly advisable that you not wear makeup during the recovery process of an acne

The recovery period could take up to one month for your skin to regain its balance and
blemish free.

Make-up has become a part of many women's everyday lives.

If you wear make-up, be sure to choose a make-up that is not oil based or that would
contribute to oil buildup or the blocking of your pores, as that will only make matters

A nutritive based, dry mineral make-up would be beneficial in the treatment of

Use of the incorrect make-up will result in your
blemish care routine being less effective.
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Why Nutritive Soaps?
  To help your breakouts, start a daily care routine designed with the complete health of your skin in mind.

People that suffer from
breakouts all their life would be surprised that they may have created their problem by using skin care products containing chemicals.

A typical example is a regular soap that you have used since childhood on your body, hands, and hair.

Remember, all those cleansers are made with harsh detergents and in time can create allergic, sensitive reactions

and a persistent condition.

Many people find that with traditional treatments, their ac
tive blemishes and skin becomes worse.

The chemicals used in most acne products can also irritate your skin, causing redness and inflammation.

Our products are designed without such irritants to effectively promote a clear complexion.
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