Manuka Essential Oil ( Leptosperum scoparium )

Manuka Oil is extracted from the leaves and small branches of the Manuka tree,
which is native to New Zealand. Many scalp disorders such as dandruff and itchiness
are caused or aggravated by the presence of bacteria and fungus. The unique
manuka oil composition is incredibly effective in alleviating the symptoms and
ultimately eliminating the causes of these aggravating and persistent conditions.
Studies suggest that the anti-bacterial, anti fungal, anti-viral, anti-septic and
anti-inflammatory activity of Manuka Oil may help in the treatment of a broad
spectrum of health conditions. Manuka Oil has been used therapeutically in the
treatment of skin infections.
Myrtle Essential Oil  (Myrtus communis)

Myrtle Oil's aroma is thought to be elevating and euphoric; the oil is a pale yellow to
orange liquid with a clear, fresh, camphoraceous, sweet herbal scent somewhat
similar to Eucalyptus.
    Neroli Essential Oil   (Citrus aurantium)

Neroli Essential Oil, Citrus aurantium, is distilled from the blossoms of the bitter orange
tree. The oil has a unique, lovely
, floral citrus aroma. It is one of the best oils for the
face as it helps regenerate skin cells. Any type of skin can benefit from this oil,
although it is particularly good for dry, irritated or sensitive skin. It regulates oiliness
and minimizes enlarged pores. Neroli Oil helps to clear acne and blemished skin,
especially if the skin lacks moisture. With regular treatment, it can reduce the
appearance of fragile or broken capillaries and varicose veins.

Niaouli Essential Oil  (Melaleuca quinquenervia viridiflora)

Slightly sweet, fresh, camphoraceous aroma.

Nettle Root Essential Oil

Nettle root oil has been traditionally utilized by itself or together with Burdock root to
help improve scalp conditions and promote hair growth. More recently, Nettle root
has become popular in combination with Saw Palmetto as a dietary supplement used
to help combat hair loss. Obtained by cold extraction of Nettle root into extra virgin
olive oil.
Patchouli Essential Oil  (Pogostemon patchouli)

A strong, earthy, smoky, spicy and musky scent. It is an antidepressant, antiseptic,
aphrodisiac, astringent, deodorant, fungicide and insecticide. One of the best-known
perfumes of the Orient and India, patchouli leaves are used to scent perfumes and
soaps, potpourris and India ink.

Patchouli Essential Oil is created by distilling the leaves; it is a bushy herb that is found
in Asia. Patchouli can treat skin and scalp problems such as psoriasis, eczema,
blemishes and fungal infections. Patchouli is also used for treating dandruff and
encourages hair growth and can moisturize dry hair and skin.

Peppermint Essential Oil  (Mentha piperita)

Strongly piercing, refreshing, minty, very herbaceous aroma. Cooling, analgesic,
antispasmodic, anesthetic, decongestant, emmenagogue, expectorant, febrifuge,
insecticide and stimulant.

Pine Needle Essential Oil  (Pinus sylvestris)

Pine stimulates, refreshes and cleanses. With a strong, fresh, resinous aroma it has a
powerful antiseptic quality and is widely used. It has a deodorant affect and is often
used in commercial preparations. In aromatherapy, pine is used in saunas, steam
baths and massage blends for stressed muscles and joints. It shares many of the
same properties as eucalyptus, and the action of both oils is enhanced when blended.

Palmarosa Essential Oil

Palmarosa is known to be helpful in formulations for those with mature skin or acne.
It is helpful for balancing oily and dry skin. Its action against bacteria coupled with the
attractive smell make it a good skin care ingredient.

Rosemary Essential Oil (Rosemarinus officinalis)

It has been used since ancient times in Mediterranean regions for seasoning foods.
The leaves and flowers of rosemary herb contain the essential oil, which imparts
medicinal properties to the herb. Rosemary oil is clear in color and has water like
viscosity with a powerful, refreshing aroma. Rosemary oil has antifungal and
antibacterial properties. Regular use of rosemary essential oil stimulates the hair
follicles and increases the blood flow, thus improving the scalp condition and
encouraging hair growth.

Rosemary Essential oil is very healing as it heals most scalp conditions such as
dandruff and seborrhea, as well as being incredible for stimulating hair growth and
balancing the scalp's sebum production. Rosemary Essential Oil is perfect for treating
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