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Apricot Kernel Fiber ( Prunus armeniaca )

Apricot Kernel fiber is finely ground from the seeds of the Apricot. It can be used as
an all nutritive body scrub to deep-clean, renew and detoxify all skin types. Apricot
shells are a gentle, yet effective way to smooth and refresh dry, calloused skin.
    Blue Poppy Seeds  ( Meconopsis betonicifolia )

In addition to giving an exciting appearance, fruit seeds are mildly abrasive. Our
poppy seeds are manufactured by means of mechanical separation of the seed from
the fruit.
    Blueberry Fibers (Cyanococcus)

Contains powerful antioxidants that help prevent damage caused by the sun,
pollution and smoke. Just a cup of blueberries contains 24% of your daily vitamin C
and is great for fighting wrinkles.
    Cranberry Fibres  (Oxycoccus)

It can be used as a natural acne treatment, as it has an anti-acne property called
resveratol as well as antiseptic properties that ensure nice, clean skin. It also helps
promote health collagen production due to its high levels of vitamin C and destroys
free radicals, helping slow down the aging process.
G - L
    Green Clay

Derived from volcanic deposits, it is the richest in mineral compositions and is the
finest of all clays available. Rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium. It
energizes the connective tissue. It is antiseptic and healing. It gently stimulates and is
effective in increasing the lymph flow and circulation, enabling oxygen and speeding
the elimination of wastes. Green clay has a high mineral content.
    Grapeseeds Milled Fibers (Vitis vinifera)

The antioxidants in grape seeds are 20 times more powerful than that of vitamin E
and 50 times more powerful than vitamin C. It can help protect the body from sun
damage that causes wrinkles and pigment changes.
    Jojoba Spheres  (Simmondsia chinensis)

Jojoba spheres are unscented scrub spheres made with nutritive jojoba esters.
Jojoba spheres gently slough away dead skin cells and provide a nutritive alternative
to harsh, synthetic, abrasive scrubs.
M - R
    Pumice Fiber

Pumice is a naturally occurring volcanic rock ground into a superfine powder.
    Red Clay

Rich in minerals. Red Clay is negatively charged while most toxins in the skin are
positively charged, making it the perfect magnet to remove impurities that clog
pores, blackheads, and oil around hair follicles.
    Rose Clay

A gentle, natural clay that contains kaolinite. Provides gentle exfoliation, reduces skin
irritation, reduces inflammation, and helps increase circulation. It is typically used as
an ingredient in cosmetics, soap, facial masks, and mud baths.
    Rosehip Fiber

Rosehip is an astringent and a great source of vitamin A, as well as containing
excellent antibacterial properties. Washing your face with rosehip can cleanse the
skin and give it a health glow, keeping it nourished and elastic. It also exerts strong
antimicrobial action to prevent acne.
S - Z
    Strawberry Seeds

Our strawberry fruit seeds are prepared by the mechanical separation of whole
strawberries with no exposure to contamination.
    Turbinado Brown Sugar

A simple botanical exfoliating material. This is crystalizable sugar from the first step of
refinement. It has a tan to brown color from the residual impurities.
    Walnut Fiber

Walnut fiber is a very popular grain when making nutritive exfoliating scrubs. It is
finely grounded, making it an ideal additive to face, foot and body scrubs. It polishes
away dry and dead skin cells, revealing skin that is smooth, soft and refreshed.
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  Vinegar Nutritive
Rinse Cleanser
  Vinegar Rinse Used For
Centuries to treat Alopecia,
Hair Loss, and Baldness.
Promotes Faster Growth.
Hair Loss Shampoo
  Restores Essential Nutrients
to Your Hair and Scalp. Free
of harsh detergents.
  Bald Spot Treatment
  Stop Early Stages of Male
and Female Patterns
Baldness and Alopecia.
Targets Bald Spot Areas and
Grows Hair Faster.
  Grow New Hair  
Encourages Scalps To Grow
New Hair and to Grow Your
Hair Faster.
  Proteins and Vitamins
Hair Treatment
  Just as your body can
benefit by improving your
diet, hair follicles will also
benefit from the increased
proteins, minerals and
vitamins provided in this
  Volumizer Hair Tonic
  Helps swell and thicken fine
hair to enhance volume and
  Nightly Scalp Massage
  Massages are proven to
lower cortisol levels. This
helps increase the flow of
nutrients to your hair's roots.
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