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Frizz Hair Testimonial Disclaimer:

Customer Frizz Hair reviews and testimonials are provided for informational purposes only. Customer Frizz Hair reviews and testimonials reflect the individual Frizz Hair reviewer’s results and experiences only. Frizz Hair results may vary based on individual user.


I have been using this frizz hair product for a few months now. It is a great leave-in for my thick, curly, dehydrated hair. A little bit goes a very long way. Plus it doesn't contain all those questionable ingredients. It does not weigh my hair down at all. Leaves my curls feeling soft and hydrated and does not have any fragrance. Just love it.

Jennifer C Willard MO

I absolutely love this anti- humidity pomade. I have naturally curly frizz hair, which I get highlighted, and this is the best conditioner I've every used. It de-tangles my curls so fast, and it really helps control the frizz. My hair is softer, smoother and much shinier after I use it. If your hair is like mine, it's well worth the price.

Vera J Rockwall TX

For months I’ve been searching for a miracle and it looks like I’ve finally found it! I’ve spent a small fortune on curly hair care products that made my hair gummy or greasy or just plain smelled bad. Now that I have your gel and styling lotion it’s been so easy I can hardly believe it! So, thank you!

Astrid R Boston MA

I’ve been using the Frizz hair shampoo and conditioner along with the frizz hair lotion and I just had to make some time to write a review. Your products are amazing! My hair is smooth and shiny like my 2yr. old daughters. Due to childbirth and highlights my hair has never been the same. I have struggled with dryness, frizz and flyaways. I’ ve tried other “natural” products but never got the results I wanted. I love using products that I know are good for me and the environment, but that also work. Thank you for helping me to love my hair!

Gena M Norristown PA US

I bought the shampoo and conditioner and they are great on my frizzy hair! They are moisturizing without being too heavy or oily, and they smell wonderfull! I will trying other products now, thanks so much!

Melanie R St. Louis MO

I tried the frizz conditioner today. I finally found the right product for my frizzy hair!! I am in LOVE with your products. Would recommend to all with frizzy hair.

Frankie B Tampa FL

These products are amazing. They make my childrens hair soft with curls that hold. The shampoo and conditioner make their hair really easy to comb! Thanks a lot.

Coonor H Washington DC

I was very impressed by the frizz and dry hair products, especially the leave in conditioner. I've been using this hair oil treatment for the past 3 months and can say my long thin frizz hair is in much better condition. I absolutely love the smell and the way it makes my hair feel. Worked even better on my daughter's thick, nutritive hair.

Jesse S Lewiston ID

This protein treatment makes my hair stronger shiny and silky soft without being weighed down and smells absolutely divine. I haven't had a hair cut in 8 months and although I don't have any split ends, the ends were begining to look rather dry. This makes my hair look healthy again. Love it!

Sherry H Ballwin MO

When I tried it my hair was instantly soft and I had more defined curls! It even lasted through the night! This is one of the greatest products around and people need to try it! It does not weigh down my heavy hair, seems to actually give it body. And most importantly, it does not feel or look greasy or dirty, leaves my hair feeling clean, healthy with lots of shine.

Breila C Crewe VA

Why Are Our Frizz Hair Products So Amazing?

Dealing with and managing frizzy hair is time consuming, frustrating and confusing.

Curly hair tends to be prone to frizz but even the healthiest, undamaged hair can get frizzy.

Trying to treat frizz with straightening irons or extra hair styling products is only a temporary solution that can often increase your hair problems.

If you truly desire frizz-free hair, you must be willing to get to the root of the problem.

We want to help you learn how to have frizz free healthy and beautiful hair.

Learn More

Have you tried everything to moisturize your dry hair or tame your frizzy hair, without seeing results? It’s time to try our Frizz Hair Treatment and see the difference for yourself.

Commercial hot oil or silicone treatments can actually make the problem of frizzy or dry hair worse.

That’s because they’re the wrong kind of oil! If the oil used is not a top-quality essential oil, it will tend to sit on top of your hair, and may actually block the moisture your hair needs from getting in.

Your hair may be shiny for a day or two after using a commercial hot oil treatment, but more damage is being done not to mention buildup from other hair care products.

Plus, when you use a hair dryer on your hair or go out in the hot sun with a hot oil treatment on your hair, your hair will literally be fried by the heat!

Success starts with a plan! When used together these Frizz hair products provide valuable nutrients important to make your hair shine and manageable.

You will see and feel the improvement immediately

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