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This is the only product that I use on my hair after trying so many. I apply to wet hair then either blow dry for a smoother look, or let my hair air dry. I have sensitive scalp and this is the only product that I do not get a reaction from. Recommend highly.

Kim S Elyria OH

I honestly can't imagine ever being without this hair polish. A little of this stuff goes a long way. It doesn't leave my hair looking like I just got out of the shower! It really is weightless! My hair can actually move! It makes it so shiny too! It smells really great as well! It is definitely worth the price! I recommend this product to everybody!

LaJoy O Mitchellville MD

Great for really long, thick hair. It can take me up to 2 hours to straighten, but with this polish cream it only took about 30 minutes. WOW. I got TONS of compliments and my hair felt so soft and healthy.

Jaclyn A Albany NY.

Absolutely wonderful. My hair loves it! When I apply this polishing cream, my hair instantly responds. My hair becomes softer and shinier. The shine lasts all day and my hair appears polished.

Sandy L Brentwood NY

This by far is one of the best straightening products I have ever used. I have thick sometimes frizzy hair. This polish cream used with a flat iron is fantastic. It really helps protect the hair when using a flat iron. I used to get those little burnt pieces of hair. Not with this. I get straight, sleek, soft, touchable hair with salon results.

Kimberley B Chepachet RI

I have looked and looked for a product that will make my hair smooth and glossy- looking without being greasy and this one is it. This gel works better than any other product I have found. It makes my hair look shiny & healthy. It doesn't make my hair look flat or greasy. This one is a keeper!!

Yolanda M Brooklyn NY

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Apple cider vinegar clarifies and restores shine, while rich aloe vera restores your hair's nutritive pH balance. A must-have for anyone with processed hair, this rinse is also perfect if you use multiple styling products or subject your hair to a lot of heated styling irons.

Remove buildup and environmental residue with this blend of herbs and apple cider vinegar.

Softens hair without stripping and restores pH balance. Great as a post-chemical process treatment to seal in color or curls. Use weekly as a treatment to rid your hair of dulling buildup.

We're not born with damaged hair. As children, we had beautiful, baby-soft, insanely shiny hair. But as we got older, many of us began subjecting our hair to a lot of abuse.

Alcohol-based hair sprays, chemical processes, blow dryers, and styling irons all cause tremendous damage. But don't reach for a hair conditioner full of synthetic chemicals just yet.

The last thing that you need to do is add any more chemicals to your hair! Instead, nourish it with intense conditioners like jojoba and sesame seed oil.

Essential oils like ylang ylang, rosemary, and lavender will restore your hair's luster and may aid to prevent premature hair loss.

But be warned - hair this gorgeous can be addictive! Don't blame us if you get caught touching your hair all day.

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Hair breakage, thinning, lack of growth, scalp irritation, damage and hair loss are just some of the complaints from many who experience problems due to chemical hair relaxers.

Sodium Hydroxide is the strongest chemical used in most relaxers because it provides dramatic long lasting effects. However, this is found in drain cleaners which demonstrate the strength of this chemical. It is in products that are referred to as lye relaxers.

Guanidine Hydroxide is the chemical used in what are called no-lye relaxers. This can be misleading to some because it is a very strong chemical that can damage your hair and scalp also.

The relaxer penetrates the inner layer of hair and loosens the nutritive curl pattern by breaking its structure. This inner layer of the hair gives curly hair its shape while providing strength and elasticity. The process of relaxing your hair to straighten it leaves hair weak and susceptible to breaking or further damage. Once hair is relaxed it is irreversible until it grows out.

Relaxers should never be applied to already damaged hair or scalp. A protective barrier such as a cream should always be applied to help protect the scalp so that no chemical product comes in contact with your scalp. This will help to prevent scalp burn and root damage.

If chemically straightened hair is not given special treatment it can become dry, damaged and begin breaking. If not repaired, it can lead to hair thinning and loss. Regular deep conditioning is a must.

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