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Why Are Our Grow New Hair Products So Amazing?

Many hair care products can cause your follicles to stop growing new hair by leaving a chemical residue that clogs your pores and causing follicle irritation. This may lead to thinning, hair loss and scalp problems.

Our grow new hair products are made with ingredients that won't clog your scalp or follicles. They help to dissolve build up and residue.

Formulated with vital nutrients that promote healthy thicker hair growth, our vitamin rich hair loss products feed your scalp and hair roots directly.

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Hair follicles need vitamins to regenerate and grow hair. If your hair follicles are not receiving adequate nutrition, they will not be able to carry out their usual functions and this might result in hair loss.

A healthy scalp is the first and most important step towards beautiful hair. The hair roots must receive sufficient nutrients if they are to produce healthy hair.

The herbal extracts and vitamin rich plant essentials contained in our hair care products are particularly useful.

Conventional hair care products can contain harsh chemical cleansers such as sodium lauryl sulphate. These are known for their foaming action but can also irritate or damage your scalp and follicles. They are often so powerful that they leach the scalp and thus stimulate excessive production of oil.

Our nutritive products contain mild cleansers which produce less foam but cleanse gently and just as effectively. Our shampoos are so mild that they are tolerated even by the most sensitive scalp types. Switching is like liberating your hair and scalp.

People whose metabolisms are not functioning properly or who have poor dietary habits are usually deficient in vitamins required for healthy hair. This is why a change in dietary habits may be necessary to stop any hair loss caused by a vitamin deficiency. Also check with you health care provider.

Grow New Hair Testimonial Disclaimer:

Customer Grow New Hair reviews and testimonials are provided for informational purposes only. Customer Grow New Hair reviews and testimonials reflect the individual Grow New Hair reviewer’s results and experiences only. Grow New Hair results may vary based on individual user. There's no guarantee of specific results and results can vary.


This hot oil treatment is the very best. I have very coarse, thick black hair. Using this oil I leave it on my hair, place a shower cap on and do some housework, and bam -- in about 20 minutes, you wash and have silky, unbelievably gorgeous hair

Terry P. Estill Springs, TN

It heats right in your shower, so you don't have to bother with microwaving it to the perfect temperature, or accidentally scorching your scalp. And using hot oil is the fastest non-salon way of making your hair amazingly soft and silky. My hair never looked or felt this good before.

yulia p TUCSON AZ

AMAZING !!! I HAVE HAIR strands of hair are starting to sprout out. What else is interesting is that there is less hair being shed, which is huge. I used to have super thick hair until this stressful job had me going crazy. I feel that with this product, I'm able to worry about one less thing in my life, which is always a good thing. Recommend to all.

Laurie N Cranberry NJ

Broken hair, this is the fix, here is the help you need. Truly an amazing hair treatment. You will have beautiful hair in no time. I use it once a week. A LOT smoother & feel very soft! My hairstylist noticed how much my hair had improved without me even telling her anything and she actually bought one for herself! LOVE IT !!

Robin M Tampa FL

It really does the trick, if using it on the length of the hair it gives a healthy shine, and if you are using it on the scalp gives a great dose of moisture if you are prone to dandruff.

Dena J Savannah GA

My scalp is definitely in better shape and seems to work. My hair does seem quite a bit thicker. Now these results weren't acheived until after a few weeks, but they happened. I'm impressed.

Cassandra E Brenham TX

I'm 42 yrs old and have hair all over my head but it's very fine and thin -ponytail the size of a small pencil. This cream was, truly, almost miraculous. My ponytail isn't really bigger but my hair looks significantly thicker and fuller. Even the woman who cuts my hair noticed a difference, as have friends and relatives.

Jamie C Atlanta, GA

This product restored softness, shine, and general health I'm not sure my hair's EVER had. I can't stop saying WOW. After one treatment, I know I'll never need anything else.

Robin C Atlanta, GA

Hello, For those who want see some hair back on their head, This product will help, The process is slow but it works for me,I have use it for about 3 months or so now, And I see some new hair on my head, It is not as thick as I like wanted but it is wonderful to see any new growth!!!!

Tara E Summerville SC

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